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Found in the Reference collection on the first floor (cannot be signed out):

PL 1455 O88 2010 REF    The Oxford Chinese dictionary

PL 1455 M34 1969 REF   Mathews’ Chinese-English dictionary

Found on the second floor (can be signed out):

PL 1455 A35                     The Advanced learner’s dictionary, English-English-Chinese

PL 1455 .C48                    Chinese to English dictionary

PL 1455 C51 1970           A practical English-Chinese pronouncing dictionary

PL 1455 .C56 1988          A Chinese-English dictionary

PL1455 .C59                     Chinese-English dictionary of contemporary usage

PL1455 .C645 2005         Collins Chinese dictionary

PL 1455 F4 1971             The five thousand dictionary: Fenn's Chinese-English pocket dictionary and index to                                             the character cards

PL 1455 J3 1967              A short dictionary of simplified Chinese characters

PL1455 .J53 1993            Chien ju multifunction English-Chinese dictionary

PL 1455 .L67                     Lin Yutang’s Chinese-English dictionary of modern usage

PL 1455 M34 1969           Mathews’ Chinese-English dictionary

PL 1455 M343 A5             A companion volume to R. H. Mathews’ Chinese-English dictionary

PL 1455 N4                       New English - Chinese dictionary

PL1455 .O923 2006         Oxford beginner’s Chinese dictionary

PL1455 .O93 2001           Niujin jin jie Ying Han shuang jie ci dian = Oxford intermediate learner’s

                                            English-Chinese dictionary

PL 1455 P8 1974             A Practical English-Chinese dictionary

PL1455 .S39 2007           Xiang shui jiu shui = complete handbook of spoken Chinese

PL1455 .X537 2009          A frequency dictionary of Mandarin Chinese

PL 1455 .Y54 1984          Ying hua ta tz’ū tien = A New English-Chinese dictionary

PL 1455 Z49 1979           Zhong ying ci dian = The Chinese-English dictionary